President of HAPSc

“The Hellenic Association of Political Scientists, with its many years of activity, counts a multitude of research programs, a large volume of research product which has been given free of charge to the public, as well as hundreds of young people trained through its educational programs.

We have remarkable human resources that it produces with professionalism. The bases of the good results of our organization were not and are not other than the basic principles and values ​​that govern it since its foundation in 2008.

HAPSc proved that it is worthily recognized as one of the most important and most active representatives of our country and Greek civil society in international organizations and international forums.

Dear friends, the HAPSc family has been and is for hundreds of colleagues their scientific or professional springboard, their point of reference. The Hellenic Association of Political Scientists tirelessly continues its efforts for the healthy and systematic union representation of all Greek Political Scientists, the scientific position of its members and the essential dialogue for Democracy ”

Symeon Sidiropoulos

During his presidency, HAPSc:

✔️It became the first and only Member Organization of the United Nations Academic Impact.

✔️Received special advisory status to the UN Economic and Social Council. (ECOSOC).

✔️Become a Member of the Academic Council on the United Nations System.

✔️Become a Member and sole representative of Greece in the International Coalition for Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP).

✔️Become a Member of the International Human Rights Information Network (CRIN).

✔️Became a collaborator of the international conference Peace Week in Geneva, within the UN. (Geneva Peace Week).

✔️ Developed into a complete and integrated composition as we know it today, administratively, organizationally and operationally.

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