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Membership Registration Process

Membership Registration Process

Anyone interested in becoming a member submits an electronic application (see below) to theAssociation. Provided that the candidate member has the required qualifications based on thearticles of association, and once the Board of Directors decides to approve the request, aconfirmation email is sent which notifies the interested party of the outcome of theapplication. Only then can the candidate pay the corresponding registration fee and the annualmembership, whithin 10 working days of the approval of the application. Subsequently, thefollowing information is sent to the new member: registration number, username, andpassword for the connection in the login area of this site.

Membership categories

Membership categories

There are four main Membership categories: Trainee Members, Youth Members, RegularMembers, and Founding Members. All new members are registered as Trainee Members.The status of Youth and Regular Member is assigned by the Organization, after the decisionof the Board of Directors.Independent membership categories are Honorary Members,Associate Members, Members of Merit, and Friends of the Organization. For furtherinformation, see the excerpt of the Articles of Association for the rights and obligations of theMembers

Electronic Membership Application

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    The members of the Association must have legal capacity. Anyone who, upon judicialdecision, has been deprived of the right to freely establish a cooperation or association ofpersons cannot be a member of the Association. Any action conducted before or after thesubmission of the application form may be considered, by the Board of Directors, as inconsistent with the purposes of the Association. It may, therefore, be a reason for rejecting themember’s application. Membership status is of personal character and is attributed to the members onthe day of listing in the Association’s Registers.

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