The Assembly of Electors is the highest representative body of the members of the Association. It consists of the electors, ie the elected representatives of the members of each administrative district.

Voters are also members and in particular have the status of either a founding or a regular or a youth member. The administrative districts are determined by a decision of the Board of Directors which is consistent with the existence of delegations of the Association outside Athens, inside or outside Greece. In each administrative district are registered all the members that are active within its geographical limits. Athens can also be divided into individual administrative districts. Each member can belong to one administrative district. Each administrative district automatically elects one elector as well as the number of electors calculated based on the proportion of electors-members set by the Board of Directors. This ratio is the same in each administrative district.

The Assembly of Electors constitutes the Electoral College and the Assembly of Electors. The members of the Board of Directors and the Central Fund are automatically elected voters. The election procedures of the electors are carried out on the day of the Ordinary General Meeting, ie every third year. Each administrative district elects the voters who represent it. Eligible to participate are voters who have fulfilled their financial obligations to the Association. The members can attend the Meetings of the Electors without the right to speak and vote. It is stipulated that the voters who will form the first Electoral College will be elected in electoral procedures announced by the Board of Directors, which will occur after the approval of the present and within a period of four months. The Ordinary General Meeting of Electors is convened once a year within the first three months (January-March) with an announcement of the Executive Secretariat, signed by the President, which sets the place, day, time and agenda.

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