DEC: Erasmus+ Project

Environmental and Digital Citizenship:
Fostering Youth Engagement for a Safer Environment and Responsible Use of ICT

DEC (Environmental and Digital Citizenship: Fostering Youth Engagement for a Safer Environment and Responsible Use of ICT) is an Erasmus + funded project (KA210-YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth) between partners from Spain and Greece: Fundación Internacional Baltasar Garzón – FIBGAR (Spain); Information Technology for Market Leadership – ITML (Greece) and Hellenic Association of Political Scientist – HAPSc (Greece). 

The project’s main objective is to strengthen young people’s identity and sense of participation in social life through awareness raising on the environmental footprint, the digital age and its proper use, and to link the needs of young people to the political arena. Our vision is for youth to feel like an integral part of society, and to increase their understanding of the importance of participating and taking action as active citizens. 

Through the project, we expect to change the acumen and perspective of youth for civic participation and to further strengthen them towards vigorously pursuing their positions and their trust in the democratic society. 


The Partners

The Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc) is a scientific think tank of interdisciplinary approach, drawing members and expertise from the wider social sciences.

HAPSc will be in charge of teaching young people to develop and promote their political action in the areas of Environment, Civic Engagement and Digital Era. Also they will create dialogues between young people, and competent institutions and relevant stakeholders.

The Information Technology for Market Leadership (ITML) is a fast-growing technology company and a software agency headquartered in Athens, that provides innovative and captivating digital products to improve your organization’s performance.

ITML will be responsible for the development of an online program where young people can learn how to develop and maximize their capabilities as young changemakers and contribute to the change what they want for their communities.

The Baltasar Garzón International Foundation (FIBGAR) aims to combat impunity for Human Rights violations, corruption and organized crime in any of its forms, for which it works to promote and defend Human Rights and Universal Jurisdiction.

FIBGAR will develop the module on environmental citizenship, with the aim of promoting awareness for sustainable development, consumption habits and lifestyles. The participants will engage in subject areas that are strategic for sustainable growth.


DEC2 Activities

There are three major activities in our project. The first two have to do with development of educational material and implementation of training relevant to digital citizenship and environmental citizenship, while the other deals with the dissemination and communication of the project, and the thesis of the youth in the sectors of environment and digitalization to the broader public audience.


  • Training on Digital Citizenship (2 hours per week x 5 weeks, February – March 2023)
  • Training on Environmental Citizenship (2 hours per week x 5 weeks, March – April 2023)
  • 2-Day Workshop on Youth Participation and Policy Briefs writing (22 & 23 April 2023)
  • Developing Policy Briefs/ Action Plans  
  • 8 “Dialogues” with Policy-Makers and various Stakeholders 
  • Youthpass certificate 
  • No participation fees 

Materials and Output

Here you can find the training materials of the activities, links to videos, and the policy briefs produced by the participants of the project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Organizing the DEC Project?

The DEC Project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, and is co-organized by FIBGAR, ITML and HAPSc.

How is the Program Structured?

For the first 2 activities, the online sessions will take place on Thursdays – as follows:

The training on Digital Citizenship will take place from 02/02/2023 to 02/03/2023 (5 2-hour sessions every Thursday).

The training on Environmental Citizenship will take place every Thursday from 09/03/2023 to 30/03/2023, and the final session will take place on Wednesday 12/03/2023.

The 2-Day Workshop will take place on 22 & 23 April 2023.

After the Workshop, participants will be split into groups and work on their policy briefs, which will be ready at the end of May. From May 2023 to October 2023 there will be 8 online “Dialogues” with policymakers and various stakeholders.

Are There Any Participation Fees?

No, there are no participation fees. Participation to the programme is free!

Does this Program Offer Youthpass Certificate?

Yes! Upon successfull completion of the program, participants get a Youthpass Certificate.

How Can I Contact You?

If you have any question about the program, you can send us an e-mail at: or

When is the Deadline for Applications?

The deadline for applications is on January 15th 2023, 23:59 (EET).

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