EPLO Scholarships for HAPSc Members


EPLO Scholarships for HAPSc Members for the European Law and Governance School

A great chance

A great chance of acquiring a Degree of international recognition, which actually constitutes a ‘job passport’ for any EU institution, international organization, large law firm, operating at a European level and other key areas of administration. EPLO and ELGS offers scholarships to student – members of H.A.P.Sc., who are interested in the legal and governance areas of study.

The ELGS (, an International University School based in Athens, Greece is established on the initiative of eminent personalities such as the former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato. It is operated by EPLO, an International Organization offering undergraduate and post graduate programs such as:

The LLB in European Law, a Bachelor in European Governance, as well as the innovative Bachelor degree in European Law and Governance. The School also offers excellent postgraduate and PhD programs such as the LLM in EU Law and the MA in Governance,  as well as three options of research degrees.

European Law and Governance School

Furthermore, This one-of-a-kind School, implements innovative teaching methods, with great flexibility in small classrooms and has established a network of 30+ Universities, from 20 countries and a 100+ renown professors. Its vision is to shape the new generation of European experts, following the highest standards.

The EPLO, due to its cooperation with H.A.P.Sc., grants to its members special privileges for this School:

More specifically, student-members of HAPSc, Graduate or Post graduate Students, proposed by H.A.P.Sc for registering into ELGS programs, get a scholarship, which covers 50% of tuition fees. The students will therefore cover the remaining 50% on their own or by other means.

For more information and registration (the first round of evaluation expires on 31st of July, while a second round is provided after 31stof August) call at: 211 311 0 672 or visit the ELGS website: or e-mail to:


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