HAPSc Working Papers

Below you can find working papers from research carried out within HAPSc. The final research papers may have been published in scientific journals, with or without changes. Before referencing the working papers, it is recommended to check for any final, peer-reviewed publication.


The Welfare State in the EU and the “Eurozone Crisis” [in Greek]

A. Emmanouil-Kalos, E. Prokakis, Κ. Karabelas

HAPSc Working Paper 1/2021

*Published part of the study can be found here [in English].

Have We Found the New ‘‘Artillery’’?

George Moustakakis

HAPSc Working Paper 3/2021

European Green Deal: Will the Transition Be Orderly for the Private Sector, or Will There Be Discrepancies?

Thessalia Mysirli

HAPSc Working Paper 5/2021

Effects of Greenwashing on the Markets of the Western World

Thessalia Mysirli, Dimitra Axarli

HAPSc Working Paper 7/2021

The Missing Link between Investments and General Foreign Policy: European Discourse towards China – the Cases of Germany and Hungary

Foivos Voulgaris

HAPSc Working Paper 9/2021

European Green Deal and Policies towards the Green Transition in the EU

Nikolaos Konstantonis

HAPSc Working Paper 11/2021

Cryptocurrencies & the State: Can They Become Disruptive Enough to Overthrow the Status-Quo?

Erofili Smyrniotaki

HAPSc Working Paper 13/2021

An Overview of Women Rights in Turkey:
The Impact of Civil Society

E. Ziabara, K. Mikroudaki, Ch. Papazafeiropoulou

HAPSc Working Paper 15/2021

Just Transition Mechanism and Lignite Phase-Out in Greece: Challenges and Proposals for Policy Adoption

Danai Lypiridi

HAPSc Working Paper 17/2021

China’s Efforts to Control the Arctic Rimland:
A New Cold War

Marina Fragkouli

HAPSc Working Paper 19/2021

Gender and Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities

Oksana Senja

HAPSc Working Paper 21/2021

Maternity Leave at EU Level and its Impact on Gender (In)Equality

Maria Damaskou

HAPSc Working Paper 23/2021

European Green Deal: Slowing Down Multi-Speed Integration with Innovation

Dimitra Axarli

HAPSc Working Paper 2/2021

*Την δημοσιευμένη έρευνα μπορείτε να δείτε εδώ.

Cutting-Edge Warfare: The Cases of Russia, China and Israel

Panagiota Tzanetou

HAPSc Working Paper 4/2021

The Violation of Indigenous Land Rights in Canada:
State’s Interests and the Role of UN and Global Civil Society

Anastasia Ntalakosta

HAPSc Working Paper 6/2021

Revolution in Military Affairs: The United States and its Big Competitors

Argyris Chatziilias

HAPSc Working Paper 8/2021

Greece and Nuclear Weapons:
An Assessment

Panagiotis Kollaros

HAPSc Working Paper 10/2021

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy towards Africa

Mariam Papachristou

HAPSc Working Paper 12/2021

Wildlife Trafficking:
An Emerging Threat to European Security?

Vasileia Kakarouka

HAPSc Working Paper 14/2021

Climate Change: Can It Pose as a Newly Established Contributor to Terrorist Actions?

I. Kechagia, E. Makariou, M. Spiliotopoulou

HAPSc Working Paper 16/2021

The Pandemic of Social Media and Covid-19 [in Greek]

Evgenia Risani

HAPSc Working Paper 18/2021

Financial Sanctions Effectiveness as a Foreign Policy Tool on Crises Management

Katerina Psomopoulou

HAPSc Working Paper 20/2021

Being a Woman under Taliban’s Theocratic Regime

Stavroula Xristina Kallini

HAPSc Working Paper 22/2021

Human Rights and the State of Exception in the Covid-19 Era:
The Cases of Hungary and Poland

Areti Moustou

HAPSc Working Paper 24/2021

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